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Services We Provide in Our Santa Barbara Audiology Offices

Our audiologists and staff strive to be as helpful as possible to patients struggling with hearing loss. Our services include hearing testing for patients of all ages, hearing aid fittings, and maintenance and repair of hearing aid devices. Learn more about us here.

Hearing Tests for All Ages

Hearing tests are necessary to the treatment of hearing loss. An audiogram determines the type and degree of hearing loss, while regular hearing screenings can monitor changes in your condition. Our audiologists provide comprehensive hearing assessments for children, teens, adults, and seniors, preventing their hearing loss from getting worse. 

Hearing Aids and Services

New hearing aids are released onto the market every day, each with its own benefits and accessories. We know how hard it can be to choose the right hearing aid, so we carefully match your device to your comfort as well as your needs. We have behind-the-ear aids, in-the-ear models, in-the-canal devices, and completely-in-the-canal styles, as well as a variety of accessories to make your hearing experience even better.